Porsche 997 Gen2
CSR Retro

The signature ducktail spoiler and period trimming push the boundaries with the juxtaposition of a truly modern 911 experience but with the retro style of the great 911s of old. This is not only a great car to look at but also superb to drive daily.

The mechanical upgrades to the Porsche 997 Gen2 are no different in the Retro variant to the standard CSR and as such the car benefits from the CSR tuned KW switchable suspension and axle-lift that defines this model. Getting that power down onto the road is assisted with the CSR limited slip differential. Gear changes are quicker and more accurate with the short-shift kit. As with all CSR’s, the 997 Gen2 model can be tailored to suit your personal preference and driving style

The addition of the CSR lightweight clutch and flywheel are notable when it comes to engine responsiveness and soundtrack. Combining these engine and drivetrain modifications with the CSR exhaust system is impressive, particularly so on the heel and toe downshifts!

The Retro variant of 997 Gen2 is a relatively new addition to the line-up. Although we have built a previous evolution of the Gen2 with backdated styling and Fuchs Alloys, this official CSR model will be launched later in the year and will feature our latest evolution of CSR technology.