997 Gen1 CSR

“Dynamically it’s right on the money, with a useable feel but greater agility and a fluid balance at its limits”

Jethro Bovingdon – EVO Magazine

The Porsche 997 is extremely receptive to tuning. CSR upgrades include bespoke suspension arms and a version of the superb KW three way suspension upgrade, albeit fine tuned by CSR’s experts. All geometry setup & corner weight modifications are carried out in-house, where the customer is encouraged to select their preferred setup with assistance from the CSR team.

A free-revving engine, with characteristics similar to a Porsche Motorsport motor is promised thanks to a series of CSR engine and transmission upgrades. The CSR limited slip differential and CSR lightweight clutch and flywheel creates exhilarating performance to rival most supercars and the CSR exhaust system releases a truly awe-inspiring soundtrack.

With CSR tuning and modifications extending into further areas such as bodywork (including a ducktail spoiler), wheels, short-shift kits and bushing upgrades, it’s no wonder the Porsche 997 CSR is one of the most desirable and popular CSR models.