997 Gen1 CSR Retro

“There’s a positive tautness about it, and it entices you to revel in its perkiness”

Johnny Tipler – 911 & Porsche World Magazine

The narrow body styling of the 997 is an excellent choice for owners looking to pay tribute to great Porsches of the past. The classic 911 styling is perfectly suited to select CSR Retro modifications such as the infamous ducktail rear spoiler and Fuchs alloys. Inside, optional houndstooth, Pasha or tartan fabrics creates an environment which pays homage to 70s and 80s 911s.

The mechanical upgrades to the Porsche 997 Gen1 are no different in the Retro variant to the standard CSR and as such the car benefits from the full adjustable and customisable suspension setup. The CSR variant of the superb KW three way suspension is complemented by bespoke CSR lower arms and adjustable lightweight anti-roll bars. The whole suspension setup is fine-tuned by CSR engineers. All geometry setup & corner weight modifications are carried out in-house to the proven CSR settings or adjusted to suit your driving style and handling preference.

There are several engineering options for the engine and drivetrain. If the CSR engine build option is selected, the bottom end is lightened and balanced. Combining this with the CSR lightweight clutch and flywheel creates a free-revving engine, with characteristics similar to that of a Porsche Motorsport engine. The combination of full engine build with the usual CSR upgrades pushes peak bhp up to 385bhp. A combination of this free revving engine and the CSR exhaust system releases a truly awe-inspiring soundtrack.

Getting that power down onto the road is assisted with the CSR limited slip differential. The gear changes being quicker and more accurate with the short-shift kit. Progress on road or on track is swift and precise.

The Retro variant of 997 Gen1 is proving increasingly popular as base cars are still relatively affordable and the styling modifications to both exterior and interior not only refresh the car but also give it a huge stand out kerb appeal.