996 CSR

“Revving with energy out to over 7000rpm, the CSR feels focused and genuinely exciting”

Jethro Bovingdon – GT Porsche Magazine

The joy of a 996 CSR according to owners and press alike, is found in its unique ability to deliver exhilaration at modest speeds. In short, the 996 CSR provides the kind of exploitable, real-world performance that is rarely found in modern high performance vehicles.

Poise and communication are provided by a bespoke CSR variant of a KW three way suspension system. Upgraded CSR lower arms and an anti roll bar kit are also fitted, and the crucial geometry setup & corner weight carried out by CSR’s experts. Likewise, engine tuning focuses on amplifying the free-revving nature of the six-cylinder engines, but with added longevity and performance.

The limited slip differential and CSR lightweight clutch and flywheel hits the sweet spot between road and track performance. This combined with the soundtrack from the bespoke CSR exhaust system defines the 996 CSR.