Porsche 981 Cayman CSR

“It’s like a standard Cayman with all its muscle sinews stretched taut”

Adam Towler – EVO Magazine

For many, the recipe for Porsche perfection is a car with a flat-six naturally aspirated engine mounted centrally. The balance and poise achieved by this configuration is hard to criticise, as reviews of the factory Cayman GT4 will attest.

With custom engineered CSR upgrades, the 981 CSR is a highly evolved mid-engined Porsche. The platform is highly receptive to bespoke build, with upgrades including CSR low ratio crown wheel and pinion with a CSR lightweight clutch and flywheel enhances the 981’s acceleration, power delivery and super responsive character. The CSR limited slip differential helps the driver put that power down. The 981 utilies a KW three-way passive suspension with tailored setup, where the customer is encouraged to select their preferred setup with assistance from the CSR team. Modified CSR braking package and weight-saving HRE wheels all assist for a lively road or track experience.

Set up, final shakedown and chassis tuning on the 981 CSR is carried out by double Porsche Carrera Cup champion Tim Harvey, who has a particular soft spot for this exhilarating CSR model. ‘The handling, performance and driver feedback of the 981 CSR are a joy and take the 981 experience to the next level,’ explains Harvey.

The 981 CSR is undoubtedly the most track focused CSR yet, but the essential balance and poise of the chassis combined with the Ohlins suspension means it remains perfectly usable for road driving.