Welcome to CSR by RPM Technik

Driver focused, bespoke engineered Porsche for everyone

CSR is not an acronym but an ethos devised a decade ago by the management team of RPM Technik, one of Europe’s leading independent Porsche specialists based in the UK.

The ethos of each CSR is BESPOKEANALOGUEREGENERATED. Every car is built for the individual driver, with driving exhilaration the number one priority.

The limited production run of 50 chassis builds ensures the exclusivity of these hand-built Porsche’s. The CSR community has an active online forum, welcoming new members where road trips are planned and memories are made.

The CSR builds are created from 996, 997 and 981 model generations. Each new build is stripped back to enable a full repaint and custom colour change. The cars are mechanically refreshed and upgraded to the customer’s exacting specification. No two CSR’s have ever been built the same and we are very proud of the workmanship that’s both visible and mechanical under the skin. Many of the CSR upgrade parts have been designed and engineered in-house, over many years of product development and evolution.

Once built, you have the opportunity to test and tweak your CSR at the Millbrook test facility in Bedfordshire. All CSR’s are signed off by the RPM Technik board of directors, with any new or bespoke upgrades and setups being evaluated and tested by RPM Technik brand ambassador Tim Harvey in compliance with our ‘No Excuses’ mantra.

The end product is ultimately limited only by your imagination.


The CSR community is active, and many owners have since become firm friends thanks to their shared passion for CSR.

Modestly speaking, it’s a real buzz to know that the motoring media understand the CSR concept too. Reviews on all models have been glowing and many of the CSRs have become cover stars in various magazines.

The pathway to all this and more can start right here on this configurator website, or you can get in touch. Either way the process of creating a CSR is truly collaborative, and the result bespoke – a machine improved and adapted but uniquely yours. And that’s the key here – a CSR is your Porsche.

See our CSR Register for details of models built to date.