Welcome to CSR Porsche by RPM Technik

Driver focused, bespoke engineered Porsche for everyone

A Porsche will give you a world-class driving experience. It’s what Porsche does. It’s what it has always done. For many, this experience is sufficient.

For others, the experience is maybe too ubiquitous. Or the experience has dated. Perhaps even the experience is too prescribed. Not the CSR experience. RPM Technik has a mantra for ‘Engineering Exhilaration’. The CSR programme is its ultimate embodiment.

At its core, CSR is a system of Total Vehicle Optimisation. It is much more than a set of targeted upgrades. The complete car gets analysed by RPM Technik’s engineers and a programme of vehicle improvement is created. Factory models have to appeal to a broad spectrum of customers and a diverse range of operating environments. A CSR is not constrained in this manner and a programme of modifications is developed that enhances the driver focus and ultimate exhilaration that this model can unlock.

For many of our customers, CSR is a tailoring programme. It gives you the opportunity to create or evolve the Porsche of your dreams, guided by professionals and engineered by experts.

Be it a 911 CSR or a 981 Boxster/Cayman CSR, all beat with the heart of the owner and promise great drives and great memories.

The sliding scale between road and track can be adjusted and tailored depending on preference and likely usage. The ultimate evolution of the CSR programme is through our CSR Individual programme, where truly bespoke cars are created. The scale of the project is only limited by your imagination.

Enhanced driving enjoyment is a guarantee, thanks to the very best in Porsche modifications. The car will feel alive and amplified compared with the donor car and effortlessly cope with track or road driving. All new CSR Porsche models get evaluated and set up by Tim Harvey at Millbrook and other test circuit locations.

Many of these proven Porsche upgrade parts have been developed in-house by engineers from the specialist CSR department and when aftermarket products are used, only the best and most rigorously analysed parts make the cut. To ensure maximum confidence, all Porsche tuning upgrades fitted to CSR models undergo extensive testing and evaluation.


The CSR community is active, and many owners have since become firm friends thanks to their shared passion for CSR.

Modestly speaking, it’s a real buzz to know that the motoring media understand the CSR concept too. Reviews on all models have been glowing and many of the CSRs have become cover stars in various magazines.

The pathway to all this and more can start right here on this configurator website, or you can get in touch. Either way the process of creating a CSR is truly collaborative, and the result bespoke – a machine improved and adapted but uniquely yours. And that’s the key here – a CSR is your Porsche.

See our CSR Register for details of models built to date.